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5 Reasons to become a Member

1. You get discounts on food at the       kitchen.


2. It's a great place to hang out              with your sober friends.


3. A private place to meet with    

    your sponsor or sponsees.


4. You want to help insure the club 

     is around in the future.


5. You Feel a responsibility to 

     future alcoholics and addicts.



You can become a member a couple of ways.


First, right click on the form and copy it to a blank word page.



1. Print this form, fill it out and    

    bring it to the club with your



2. Print this form, fill it out and 

     mail it with your payment to:


   Attention: Membership

   Sunset No-Al Club

   5809 Gibbons Drive

   Carmichael, Ca 95608



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